Bye For Now Bricks

In my last post I talked about how we tried to start our new back porch last weekend but couldn’t due to rain in the forecast. No rain this weekend though! So my husband ordered the materials and we will be starting it tomorrow, yaye!

Today I pulled up the bricks because it’s going to be a big porch, but don’t worry I have a plan for them later! I still have to move them to another spot but that’s where they will stay for the moment!


Note to self: Get better gloves next time. My gloves ripped and I have blisters, but it had to be done. The area doesn’t look that big, but I feel like I’ve done a million squats trying to pick them up. By hand. No tractor, shovel or anything. My hands only. šŸ˜©

Hamlet wanted to help too, thanks buddy.


I’m super excited about the new porch, and how I’ll be able to sit out there under the Pecan tree. I will post updates and photos of course!



Happy Memorial Day Weekend Everyone!



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