Hello New Back Porch

Happy Memorial Day!

Although it’s almost over now, wanted to make a quick post before we go back to work tomorrow. We literally worked all weekend on our back porch, what an improvement! My mom and I tore down the rotten back porch, or what was left of it and it didn’t take much effort. Just a few hits with a hammer and pull here, push there and it fell over.

Then the clock was ticking to get as much done as possible, to our surprise and a lot of help with family we got a lot done the first day. 😊



With hardly any experience we didn’t do too bad right?

Photos above are from a full day on Saturday, then Sunday we were pretty tired so we got a late start but we had to get the steps somewhat done.


Steps are done! Now Cooper and Hamlet can easily go down the stairs now. 🐷🐶

Lowes recognized us, especially after the 10th time over the course of three days. 😳🙈 Keeping them in business!


Colors look different in this last photo?? Oh well, this is what we accomplished over the weekend. All the boards are screwed down, and the 2x8s are up and ready to go for the top to be done. We are going to have the roof redone so we have to decide on a new tin color, and whoever we go with has to have an unlimited supply so we can be sure both will match. Ideas anyone?

Still have to do railing, put back brick patio, and so much more. But we are very pleased with the result so far.

Thanks again to our family for always lending a helping hand to us, we love you guys! ❤️

-Ashley & Cameron


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