So Much to Share!

Hello Everyone!

I apologize for not keeping you all updated on the progress that we’ve been making around here. But we have a reason, or at least I do. We are expecting a new addition to our family in January 2018!


We are super excited, and trying to do as much renovations as quickly as possible-weekly. Yes, weekly. This pregnant woman is so so tired after working during the week, and then trying to work on the weekends. But so far everything is looking great!

The next few pictures are updates that we’ve been working on over the past few weeks, I just haven’t had any energy to post anything.

I had a before picture of our kitchen but I can’t seem to find it at the moment. So basically to describe our old kitchen, there were no cabinets, drawers, no type of good storage and no dishwasher. Honestly we made it work, and didn’t mind handwashing dishes but knowing a baby is on the way made us realize how much we’d appreciate one.

So again our home is very small, the kitchen itself is actually part of a living room and dining room. Three rooms in one small space, how are we going to fit all that we need and have enough space to function without feeling crammed?!

Yeah, this is when my stress began. 😳

So once we gathered our measurements, time to demo!


Hopefully my mother won’t kill me for using her in the background of the photo. 🙈

Okay so, now that the kitchen is opened up we can really see what we can do here. I knew that I wanted the kitchen sink under the window, instead of in the corner. Trying to find a sink was a little tricky because I had to find the perfect size. Not too big where I lose counterspace but not too small. I found an amazing sink off Amazon!


Sink and stainless tray not included obviously, but I ordered the tray off Amazon also. Love me some Amazon! We had to consider our options with what type of sink to get, under mount, over mount, or flush mount. I wanted the typical farmhouse sink which is considered an apron style sink, but we really couldn’t afford to do that and after all it’s just a sink. So this particular sink can be mounted a few different ways, but we had to make it an under mount sink because we were going to drill the hole in our countertop. Again, don’t have the time or funds to pay someone to drill /cut out holes.

Long story short, we love our sink! It’s the perfect size and looks great.

The big debate on countertops. We thought about several options, granite, soapstone, you name it. But all of those had a 2-3 week wait, and had to be cut. No time to wait, and honestly our home has such a rustic feel we didn’t think a stone countertop would look right. So, we chose a butcher block for our counter tops! That way we can cut and drill out the proper holes, no time wasted there.


Top photo is our twelve foot walnut butcher block, and she’s pretty! I can’t begin to tell you the anxiety I was having when the holes had to be cut and the cut to go on the other side of the stove. Aaaahhh. But it’s done now, and works perfectly!

To backup some, our appliances and cabinets are from Lowes. We didn’t want too much high end going on, so we kept it simple with Lowes cabinets right off the shelf. Affordable, and with some paint,  nice cabinet pulls, and knobs you wouldn’t have known. Again, we are doing this on a budget because we are basically changing our whole house around. 🙈

I also had sort of a hard time finding a faucet, but thankfully HomeDepot had the perfect one! I love the detail on the base, and it was affordable. 😍


Now, looking at that photo you’re probably thinking man that countertop is darker now. We put a natural product on it and it brought out the beautiful walnut colors. That is the color it’s supposed to be actually, but the butcher blocks don’t come finished. Here’s larger photos below:


To wrap this blog up, because we’ve got work to do of course. I’ll share a glimpse of what we have now, I’m so happy to have a kitchen back that’s functional and we have learned that a dishwasher is a luxury! Lol Happy Sunday Everyone! 😘



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