Sorry for the delay in updates, again. There really is so much going on around here, and with me being pregnant I’m waiting on this energy that everyone speaks of when you enter the second trimester. Yeah, I’ll keep waiting. 

I’ve been dealing with some back pain also, so some of our projects have slowed down because I am absolutely no help to anyone. 

On a good note, our kitchen is starting to look like an actual kitchen now. I know in the last post I shared some photos, but wanted to share some more. We still have to put up the “wall backsplash” of subway tiles, finish the island, finish cabinets, and much more. But hey it’s at least functional for now. Hallelujah! 

Remember guys, we are on a budget with this. We aren’t one of those HGTV couples that have $30,000 to spend on a kitchen. We have many more rooms in our home that will be updated so we definitely can’t spend that much on just the kitchen alone. But hey, I think we’ve done a great job so far with what we could afford. 

I also attempted my first shot at making pickles! Honestly, not as hard as I thought. I really winged it, didn’t follow a recipe either. (Ask my Husband.) And they taste great already at 24 hours later! 

I will continue to post more updates as we go, just bare with us until then!

Ending this blog on a beautiful photo of our back door yesterday. ❤️ 

Have a great day everyone! 



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