I’m Back, Finally! 

Hello Friends!

I can’t believe my last post was in August, wow! Where did the time go? 

So to bring you all up to speed, we’ve obviously finished a few more projects around the house and announced the gender of our baby! 

Drum Roll Please…

It’s a BOY! 

There’s times where I still can’t believe I’m pregnant, much less 25 weeks exactly today! I remember the morning I found out, my Husband and I were in such disbelief I took two more tests that day and one the next morning. Seeing that test say positive took awhile to sink in, until the morning sickness became a daily thing. Thankfully that didn’t last long- I feel for you mothers out there that have to deal with that the entire pregnancy! 🙏🏼

We will announce the name we chose in another post. 😊😉

So back to the house, we unfortunately had another Hurricane come our way. But thankfully we didn’t have any damage, and regained power in a day. (Thankful for that Generator!) Hopefully no more are brewing out there! 

I wanted to share this photo of a beautiful sunrise right out our bedroom loft window, now that sleep doesn’t happen often for me I get to enjoy them just about every morning. 🙏🏼😍 

The photo below is kinda back tracked, because the porch is completed now and the roof has been added. But I just wanted to show how small our home really is, camera angles really help with making it seem larger. 😉

Excuse the mess, but this photo is before the railing on the steps were completed. (Waiting on cooler weather to finish painting the rest of the house.) 😩 Don’t judge us! 🙈

Remember when we began taking up bricks in my earlier posts? Well here’s the brick patio now, much larger! Have a small section to finish and we’ll be done with that also! We contemplated building a larger brick fire fit, but we may just buy one for the time being. Especially with baby on the way. 

Pregnancy definitely slows projects down, since we are mainly a one man crew unless family helps. Which they’ve helped us so much! 

With that being said, we sanded the front porch paint off at least twice. And now the raw porch has been exposed to weather, and a lot of rain. Which has made us come to the conclusion that we can’t complete a 40 foot porch by sanding it fully, and then staining it. So, we’ve decided to paint it. 🙈

Excuse the tiny love bugs that crept into my paint samples, but stay tuned to see what color we chose. Again- waiting on cooler weather.

The love bugs here were no joke, this also set us back with painting. Apparently they’re attracted to white. 😒

Let’s move to the kitchen now, shall we? Guys, this is how our kitchen looked before. It didn’t take us long to realize that it wasn’t functional, for us. We desperately needed cabinets, drawers, a stronger/deeper sink, and definitely a dishwasher. Which, we learned is a luxury! Lol

I know I’ve posted updates on the kitchen, but I wanted to revert back to the beginning so you can appreciate what we’ve done so far.

This is my Hubby, holding up boards off the table that is pictured in the before photo. These boards are extremely heavy, and very thick. I wanted to use them for shelves in the kitchen, why not use them? They’re so beautiful, and 8 inches deep so I could definitely make use out of them! 

Also, we decided against a white subway tile backsplash. It was going to take a lot of time and energy to finish, so again baby comes first. But we decided to paint the wall, and if you’ve ever painted true beadboard.. you know how long this can take. (Sample color on the wall by microwave.) 

And here she is! Again, still more to do but we are very happy with how everything turned out. 

The shelves from the table turned out beautiful! We had to use a different style bracket for the longer board because it’s so heavy but the small ones we used L brackets and spray painted them black. Super inexpensive, but still gives it the look we wanted. Don’t mind my decorating, I just used whatever I could find throughout the house to take the photo. Better decorating props coming soon. 😉😊

We also put the cabinet/drawer hardware on, thanks to my Mother and Hubby! 

Photo above is of our island, still debating what type of countertop to go with. Butcher block or something else. Can’t decide yet. 🤔

Now that the back wall in the kitchen is painted it really made the window trim pop. The trim is beautiful in this home, so I wanted it to stand out a little more.

I decided to paint it the same color as the kitchen wall. 

It’s still working on me, but for now all the windows are going to stay that grey color. 

So that’s a wrap for now.

Enjoy the photo of our piggy, Hamlet. He loves to sunbathe and nap outside, but I can’t blame him. Especially if it feels good outside over this humid 87 degree weather we are currently having. 

Thank you for reading our updates, and check back with us to see what else we do until baby Morris arrives! 

Take care friends!



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