It’s Fri-Yay! 

Happy Friday Everybody! 

Let’s go back in time and talk about what we’ve been up too! 

So I had my baby shower in October, and we all had a great time! Of course we stuffed our faces over and over again too, but hey I like to eat! 

We had the shower at my parents home, where I grew up and all the decorations turned out super cute! Check it out below!

More photos to come later— But time to share what we decided to name our son! 

[Bexley Michael Morris]: A lot of people ask where did I find the name Bexley, honestly I was searching for names and I had a few others I liked but Bexley stood out for me. His nickname would be Bex, and it just seemed “cool”. Now, convincing my Husband was not easy but he decided that he actually liked the name and it stuck. 

We chose Michael as the middle name for a very obvious reason, the man that took me in and raised me as his own. 

I can’t imagine having a child, and not wanting to be a part of their life. I truly will never understand why my biological Father and family chooses everyday since I was about four years old, to not have a relationship with me. I won’t linger on the topic, but should they ever read this— I tried, I did my part. It’s your loss.

So with that being said, my true Father and the best Father figure I’ve ever had deserves to have his name used with our son. 

Bexley will love growing up with his Grandpa/Papa, (He hasn’t decided what he wants to be called yet) Lol! 

Moving on now, our front door has been giving us some grief. The door knob stays broken, and it’s extremely difficult to lock/unlock. 

Last year we paid for Lowe’s to come out and measure so we could get a new door but found out it’d be a custom door, which means custom price tag. 

We put the door off for awhile, until now. I found a beautiful door that was only 1/4 inch off on the height from Facebook for guess how much?! 

$150. Yes, those deals exist y’all! I get lucky every now and then, the door needed a little work but it really wasn’t that bad! The glass wasn’t broken or anything either!

This is how it looked right when we picked it up:

Don’t mind the dinky plants. But what a deal for $150! 

I worked on the door while my Husband worked on our fence, finally! 

I sanded, then stained with a nice Oak stain. Still needs work but hopefully we can have her up this weekend! 

 I will definitely post pictures when we are done! 😊

The below photo is of the front porch, remember I talked about painting it? Well this photo is me sampling a color, I’ll post a complete photo of everything once the door is up. 

It’s coming along around here! Still lots to do but we will get there! 

Until next time, enjoy your day and weekend Friends! 

Happy Veterans Day! ❤️



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