Bexley is Here!

Bexley Michael made his early arrival on January 9th. I wasn’t due until the end of January, but with my high blood pressure and major swelling I was admitted the same day I had my appointment.

I was excited but very nervous, over 24 hours after being admitted nothing progressed well. I was in a lot of pain and asked my doctor for a c-section, then two hours later our baby boy was here.

Fast forward and he’s now over two months old, sad face. I’m so blessed to be able to stay at home with him and witness all of his first moments, I’m very thankful for my amazing Husband who works very hard for us and I know he will always do so. No matter what it may be, he will always provide for our family.

So as you can imagine our projects had to slow down, or stop completely. Having a baby definitely makes projects a little harder to accomplish, heck even showering is a huge task that must be done quickly. But I wouldn’t trade it, I would like to get back the days of sleep I’ve missed out on though. 😴😴


Above is his cute little nursery. Below are the items listed and where I got them. 😊

Chair: Wayfair– Which by the way, rocks, swivels, and reclines!

Orange Cart: IKEA (In Window) I love purchasing things that can later be used elsewhere. Comes in a variety of colors too!

Feather Photo: Target– Set of three, again can be used somewhere else once he gets older.

Crib: Facebook Marketplace– This is a mini crib because his room is too small for a full sized crib. I paid $100 for the crib and the mattress. 😀

Crib Sheet: Wayfair

Bexley Michael Sign: This was custom made by a friend of mine that owns a shop in Rincon, Georgia. Largesse Boutique, she did a wonderful job!

Until next time my friends, here’s a photo of our sweet little man.


With Love,

A, B, & C ❤️

(Ashley, Bexley, & Cameron)


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