It’s Fri-Yay! 

Happy Friday Everybody! 

Let’s go back in time and talk about what we’ve been up too! 

So I had my baby shower in October, and we all had a great time! Of course we stuffed our faces over and over again too, but hey I like to eat! 

We had the shower at my parents home, where I grew up and all the decorations turned out super cute! Check it out below!

More photos to come later— But time to share what we decided to name our son! 

[Bexley Michael Morris]: A lot of people ask where did I find the name Bexley, honestly I was searching for names and I had a few others I liked but Bexley stood out for me. His nickname would be Bex, and it just seemed “cool”. Now, convincing my Husband was not easy but he decided that he actually liked the name and it stuck. 

We chose Michael as the middle name for a very obvious reason, the man that took me in and raised me as his own. 

I can’t imagine having a child, and not wanting to be a part of their life. I truly will never understand why my biological Father and family chooses everyday since I was about four years old, to not have a relationship with me. I won’t linger on the topic, but should they ever read this— I tried, I did my part. It’s your loss.

So with that being said, my true Father and the best Father figure I’ve ever had deserves to have his name used with our son. 

Bexley will love growing up with his Grandpa/Papa, (He hasn’t decided what he wants to be called yet) Lol! 

Moving on now, our front door has been giving us some grief. The door knob stays broken, and it’s extremely difficult to lock/unlock. 

Last year we paid for Lowe’s to come out and measure so we could get a new door but found out it’d be a custom door, which means custom price tag. 

We put the door off for awhile, until now. I found a beautiful door that was only 1/4 inch off on the height from Facebook for guess how much?! 

$150. Yes, those deals exist y’all! I get lucky every now and then, the door needed a little work but it really wasn’t that bad! The glass wasn’t broken or anything either!

This is how it looked right when we picked it up:

Don’t mind the dinky plants. But what a deal for $150! 

I worked on the door while my Husband worked on our fence, finally! 

I sanded, then stained with a nice Oak stain. Still needs work but hopefully we can have her up this weekend! 

 I will definitely post pictures when we are done! 😊

The below photo is of the front porch, remember I talked about painting it? Well this photo is me sampling a color, I’ll post a complete photo of everything once the door is up. 

It’s coming along around here! Still lots to do but we will get there! 

Until next time, enjoy your day and weekend Friends! 

Happy Veterans Day! ❤️


I’m Back, Finally! 

Hello Friends!

I can’t believe my last post was in August, wow! Where did the time go? 

So to bring you all up to speed, we’ve obviously finished a few more projects around the house and announced the gender of our baby! 

Drum Roll Please…

It’s a BOY! 

There’s times where I still can’t believe I’m pregnant, much less 25 weeks exactly today! I remember the morning I found out, my Husband and I were in such disbelief I took two more tests that day and one the next morning. Seeing that test say positive took awhile to sink in, until the morning sickness became a daily thing. Thankfully that didn’t last long- I feel for you mothers out there that have to deal with that the entire pregnancy! 🙏🏼

We will announce the name we chose in another post. 😊😉

So back to the house, we unfortunately had another Hurricane come our way. But thankfully we didn’t have any damage, and regained power in a day. (Thankful for that Generator!) Hopefully no more are brewing out there! 

I wanted to share this photo of a beautiful sunrise right out our bedroom loft window, now that sleep doesn’t happen often for me I get to enjoy them just about every morning. 🙏🏼😍 

The photo below is kinda back tracked, because the porch is completed now and the roof has been added. But I just wanted to show how small our home really is, camera angles really help with making it seem larger. 😉

Excuse the mess, but this photo is before the railing on the steps were completed. (Waiting on cooler weather to finish painting the rest of the house.) 😩 Don’t judge us! 🙈

Remember when we began taking up bricks in my earlier posts? Well here’s the brick patio now, much larger! Have a small section to finish and we’ll be done with that also! We contemplated building a larger brick fire fit, but we may just buy one for the time being. Especially with baby on the way. 

Pregnancy definitely slows projects down, since we are mainly a one man crew unless family helps. Which they’ve helped us so much! 

With that being said, we sanded the front porch paint off at least twice. And now the raw porch has been exposed to weather, and a lot of rain. Which has made us come to the conclusion that we can’t complete a 40 foot porch by sanding it fully, and then staining it. So, we’ve decided to paint it. 🙈

Excuse the tiny love bugs that crept into my paint samples, but stay tuned to see what color we chose. Again- waiting on cooler weather.

The love bugs here were no joke, this also set us back with painting. Apparently they’re attracted to white. 😒

Let’s move to the kitchen now, shall we? Guys, this is how our kitchen looked before. It didn’t take us long to realize that it wasn’t functional, for us. We desperately needed cabinets, drawers, a stronger/deeper sink, and definitely a dishwasher. Which, we learned is a luxury! Lol

I know I’ve posted updates on the kitchen, but I wanted to revert back to the beginning so you can appreciate what we’ve done so far.

This is my Hubby, holding up boards off the table that is pictured in the before photo. These boards are extremely heavy, and very thick. I wanted to use them for shelves in the kitchen, why not use them? They’re so beautiful, and 8 inches deep so I could definitely make use out of them! 

Also, we decided against a white subway tile backsplash. It was going to take a lot of time and energy to finish, so again baby comes first. But we decided to paint the wall, and if you’ve ever painted true beadboard.. you know how long this can take. (Sample color on the wall by microwave.) 

And here she is! Again, still more to do but we are very happy with how everything turned out. 

The shelves from the table turned out beautiful! We had to use a different style bracket for the longer board because it’s so heavy but the small ones we used L brackets and spray painted them black. Super inexpensive, but still gives it the look we wanted. Don’t mind my decorating, I just used whatever I could find throughout the house to take the photo. Better decorating props coming soon. 😉😊

We also put the cabinet/drawer hardware on, thanks to my Mother and Hubby! 

Photo above is of our island, still debating what type of countertop to go with. Butcher block or something else. Can’t decide yet. 🤔

Now that the back wall in the kitchen is painted it really made the window trim pop. The trim is beautiful in this home, so I wanted it to stand out a little more.

I decided to paint it the same color as the kitchen wall. 

It’s still working on me, but for now all the windows are going to stay that grey color. 

So that’s a wrap for now.

Enjoy the photo of our piggy, Hamlet. He loves to sunbathe and nap outside, but I can’t blame him. Especially if it feels good outside over this humid 87 degree weather we are currently having. 

Thank you for reading our updates, and check back with us to see what else we do until baby Morris arrives! 

Take care friends!



Sorry for the delay in updates, again. There really is so much going on around here, and with me being pregnant I’m waiting on this energy that everyone speaks of when you enter the second trimester. Yeah, I’ll keep waiting. 

I’ve been dealing with some back pain also, so some of our projects have slowed down because I am absolutely no help to anyone. 

On a good note, our kitchen is starting to look like an actual kitchen now. I know in the last post I shared some photos, but wanted to share some more. We still have to put up the “wall backsplash” of subway tiles, finish the island, finish cabinets, and much more. But hey it’s at least functional for now. Hallelujah! 

Remember guys, we are on a budget with this. We aren’t one of those HGTV couples that have $30,000 to spend on a kitchen. We have many more rooms in our home that will be updated so we definitely can’t spend that much on just the kitchen alone. But hey, I think we’ve done a great job so far with what we could afford. 

I also attempted my first shot at making pickles! Honestly, not as hard as I thought. I really winged it, didn’t follow a recipe either. (Ask my Husband.) And they taste great already at 24 hours later! 

I will continue to post more updates as we go, just bare with us until then!

Ending this blog on a beautiful photo of our back door yesterday. ❤️ 

Have a great day everyone! 


So Much to Share!

Hello Everyone!

I apologize for not keeping you all updated on the progress that we’ve been making around here. But we have a reason, or at least I do. We are expecting a new addition to our family in January 2018!


We are super excited, and trying to do as much renovations as quickly as possible-weekly. Yes, weekly. This pregnant woman is so so tired after working during the week, and then trying to work on the weekends. But so far everything is looking great!

The next few pictures are updates that we’ve been working on over the past few weeks, I just haven’t had any energy to post anything.

I had a before picture of our kitchen but I can’t seem to find it at the moment. So basically to describe our old kitchen, there were no cabinets, drawers, no type of good storage and no dishwasher. Honestly we made it work, and didn’t mind handwashing dishes but knowing a baby is on the way made us realize how much we’d appreciate one.

So again our home is very small, the kitchen itself is actually part of a living room and dining room. Three rooms in one small space, how are we going to fit all that we need and have enough space to function without feeling crammed?!

Yeah, this is when my stress began. 😳

So once we gathered our measurements, time to demo!


Hopefully my mother won’t kill me for using her in the background of the photo. 🙈

Okay so, now that the kitchen is opened up we can really see what we can do here. I knew that I wanted the kitchen sink under the window, instead of in the corner. Trying to find a sink was a little tricky because I had to find the perfect size. Not too big where I lose counterspace but not too small. I found an amazing sink off Amazon!


Sink and stainless tray not included obviously, but I ordered the tray off Amazon also. Love me some Amazon! We had to consider our options with what type of sink to get, under mount, over mount, or flush mount. I wanted the typical farmhouse sink which is considered an apron style sink, but we really couldn’t afford to do that and after all it’s just a sink. So this particular sink can be mounted a few different ways, but we had to make it an under mount sink because we were going to drill the hole in our countertop. Again, don’t have the time or funds to pay someone to drill /cut out holes.

Long story short, we love our sink! It’s the perfect size and looks great.

The big debate on countertops. We thought about several options, granite, soapstone, you name it. But all of those had a 2-3 week wait, and had to be cut. No time to wait, and honestly our home has such a rustic feel we didn’t think a stone countertop would look right. So, we chose a butcher block for our counter tops! That way we can cut and drill out the proper holes, no time wasted there.


Top photo is our twelve foot walnut butcher block, and she’s pretty! I can’t begin to tell you the anxiety I was having when the holes had to be cut and the cut to go on the other side of the stove. Aaaahhh. But it’s done now, and works perfectly!

To backup some, our appliances and cabinets are from Lowes. We didn’t want too much high end going on, so we kept it simple with Lowes cabinets right off the shelf. Affordable, and with some paint,  nice cabinet pulls, and knobs you wouldn’t have known. Again, we are doing this on a budget because we are basically changing our whole house around. 🙈

I also had sort of a hard time finding a faucet, but thankfully HomeDepot had the perfect one! I love the detail on the base, and it was affordable. 😍


Now, looking at that photo you’re probably thinking man that countertop is darker now. We put a natural product on it and it brought out the beautiful walnut colors. That is the color it’s supposed to be actually, but the butcher blocks don’t come finished. Here’s larger photos below:


To wrap this blog up, because we’ve got work to do of course. I’ll share a glimpse of what we have now, I’m so happy to have a kitchen back that’s functional and we have learned that a dishwasher is a luxury! Lol Happy Sunday Everyone! 😘


We’re Back!

Sorry everyone for the delay in updates, but we are back! Last time I made a post we were working on our back porch, which is still ongoing but she’s getting there! The crosses will be done today, yaye!


Construction site going on in the background, but I can’t wait to put up some pretty outdoor curtains. Which will look nice, and serve as some privacy.

Mom and I are going to attempt to start the brick patio, since we pulled them up we’ve had a nice two inch pool around the bottom of the porch, from all this rain. 😩 But it’s going to be a hot day, so we will see how far we get.

We also started another project, inside. 😳

The Kitchen.

I almost had a nasty fall on Friday trying to stand on the counter to put up some glass ware, and honestly we NEED CABINETS and DRAWERS! So, my mother was so kind to help us with our future island and we couldn’t be more excited. The amount of room we have now is awesome!


She needs paint and handles obviously. We are thinking a butcher block top, with an extension over the other side so we can have seating also. We just have boards up there for now, which are from the older table that was there previously. (Will be using those as shelves somewhere because they are beautiful!)

Ordered our appliances yesterday, will be in towards the end of this month. Boo, but it’ll be worth the wait!

A new gas stove, and a new larger refrigerator! We haven’t decided on a dishwasher yet, but it will be a huge change since we haven’t had one since we’ve been here!


My mother also tore down the tall shelving unit that almost caused me to fall, guess that won’t happen again. 😉 So this is what we have right now, just have to wait on appliances, and we can get going with cabinets, counter tops, and a subway tile backsplash that goes all the way up.


It’s going to be nice, can’t wait. 👍🏼❤️

Inspriation Photo- This couple did an awesome job on their home! I love it!



Hello New Back Porch

Happy Memorial Day!

Although it’s almost over now, wanted to make a quick post before we go back to work tomorrow. We literally worked all weekend on our back porch, what an improvement! My mom and I tore down the rotten back porch, or what was left of it and it didn’t take much effort. Just a few hits with a hammer and pull here, push there and it fell over.

Then the clock was ticking to get as much done as possible, to our surprise and a lot of help with family we got a lot done the first day. 😊



With hardly any experience we didn’t do too bad right?

Photos above are from a full day on Saturday, then Sunday we were pretty tired so we got a late start but we had to get the steps somewhat done.


Steps are done! Now Cooper and Hamlet can easily go down the stairs now. 🐷🐶

Lowes recognized us, especially after the 10th time over the course of three days. 😳🙈 Keeping them in business!


Colors look different in this last photo?? Oh well, this is what we accomplished over the weekend. All the boards are screwed down, and the 2x8s are up and ready to go for the top to be done. We are going to have the roof redone so we have to decide on a new tin color, and whoever we go with has to have an unlimited supply so we can be sure both will match. Ideas anyone?

Still have to do railing, put back brick patio, and so much more. But we are very pleased with the result so far.

Thanks again to our family for always lending a helping hand to us, we love you guys! ❤️

-Ashley & Cameron

Bye For Now Bricks

In my last post I talked about how we tried to start our new back porch last weekend but couldn’t due to rain in the forecast. No rain this weekend though! So my husband ordered the materials and we will be starting it tomorrow, yaye!

Today I pulled up the bricks because it’s going to be a big porch, but don’t worry I have a plan for them later! I still have to move them to another spot but that’s where they will stay for the moment!


Note to self: Get better gloves next time. My gloves ripped and I have blisters, but it had to be done. The area doesn’t look that big, but I feel like I’ve done a million squats trying to pick them up. By hand. No tractor, shovel or anything. My hands only. 😩

Hamlet wanted to help too, thanks buddy.


I’m super excited about the new porch, and how I’ll be able to sit out there under the Pecan tree. I will post updates and photos of course!



Happy Memorial Day Weekend Everyone!